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Every tree is either an asset or liability. When a professional tree risk assessment uncovers a potential issue, perhaps the tree is damaged or diseased beyond repair – tree removal may be required.

Our professional arborists can work with you to safely and efficiently remove your tree(s). Many tree removals are complex and mistakes are costly. With qualified staff, we will ensure the tree is removed safely and efficiently.

Not all tree risks are easy to spot. At Green Tree, we go beyond first glance and look at the tree’s soil conditions, root system, overall health and other factors that influence a tree’s risk potential.


At Green Tree, we recognize that healthy trees that are properly planted will result in safe, strong, and healthy mature trees. The first key to successful planting is identifying the proper tree for the site which will thrive in its environment. Secondly, Green Tree professionals are trained in utilizing the proper procedures to plant the specific type of tree based on their characteristics such as soil composition, landscape function and space availability to just name a few.

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Having Green Tree apply ECO-Friendly Fertilizer to your landscape trees and shrubs is one of the best tree maintenance services you can invest in. Deep root fertilizing is used to deliver essential nutrients to trees and shrubs by injecting nutrients 8-12 inches deep, at evenly spaced intervals, beneath a tree right into the root zone. Using high-pressure equipment, we are able to control the exact amount of fertilizer needed to avoid the chance of over fertilization.

Just as humans need a balanced diet of nutrient-rich foods to function at their best potential, trees can also benefit from proper areas of soil fertility, micro-nutrients, soil pH, root stimulation and sunlight for proper growth and survival.

The fertilizers often applied to trees by property owners are just spread on the soil surface, and do not penetrate into the root system at all. Deep root fertilization eliminates this problem by applying fertilizer and tree nutrients directly within the root system, which is key for mature trees with deep and vast root systems.


Green Tree offers tree consultations individually or in conjunction with an arborist report, which includes but aren’t limited to planting plans, tree health evaluations, tree risk assessments and constructions plans.

Arborist reports are prepared by a certified arborist outlining detailed information regarding the location, condition, and areas of concern regarding one or multiple trees. The report also offers a detailed section regarding recommendations and solutions to what was assessed.

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Construction Plans

Let Green Tree create and implement a tree protection plan specifically designed for the needs of your specific project as construction practices can negatively affect the health of the surrounding trees and can lead to premature death and or structural failure.

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Stump Grinding is a quick, clean and efficient way to remove stumps from your landscape. Stumps in many instances will last for years and become an eyesore. Sucker Growth can continuously become a problem until the stump dies. Grinding the stump allows immediate use of the area where a stump used to be. The stump is ground down 6 to 8 inches below ground level.

The grindings are a mixture of dirt and wood chips similar to mulch. The grindings can be left in the hole, for small stumps. For larger stumps, the grindings can be spread in another area of the property or disposed of. If the stump is in a lawn setting the grindings should be removed. The hole filled with topsoil and seeded for a quick restoration.

If your stump is in a backyard or you don’t want a truck on your lawn. No problem our stump machine will fit through a 36-inch opening, and weights about the same as a riding mower. 


Tree care and maintenance are essential to upholding the beauty and value of your property. Our maintenance services cater to the aesthetic appeal and overall health of your trees.

Tree care and maintenance contribute to the health and safety of your trees, as well as the overall value of your property. With proper, routine care:

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Our arborist works with you to build a tree care plan for the unique needs of your property. Rest assured that your Green Tree arborist is familiar with the appropriate maintenance cycle for your specific trees and shrubs.

Trees Are Stronger

- Holistic tree care and maintenance improves the vitality of trees, helping them withstand stormy summers or persistent pests and diseases

- Preventative maintenance is critical to protecting trees from decline and protecting your and your property from potential damage

- With products such as our echo friendly injectable fertilizer, trees will absorb nutrients and overall vigor to promote healthy growth in an urban setting.

Property Value Increases 

- Keeping up with tree maintenance helps uphold and even enhance the value of your property and home

- Improving your tree’s natural form and appearance contributes to your homes curb appeal

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Tree trimming or pruning is a key factor in maintaining and optimizing the tree's health. Removing deadwood and crossed branches, improving structure, enhancing vigor, creating clearance and maintaining safety are all common situations where pruning is encouraged.

Green Tree arborists have a clear understanding of tree requirements for health as well as knowledge of the internal biological mechanics necessary for optimal response to pruning.


Efficiency and performance are important to us. Using the FAE Forestry Mulcher we are able to clear land, river zones, golf courses, forest paths, and so much more. This allows us to get rid of Poison Ivy infestations, large weeds, unwanted bushes, trees that can not be salvaged etc. The by-product of the mulcher head suppresses weeds and helps with erosion. Farmers especially regain multiple feet of unusable farmland to plant more crops. The list of benefits is endless.

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Green Tree can help make your holidays a little less stressful and a whole lot brighter! We offer light installation services for residents and businesses located in Chatham to Windsor, Ontario.



Don’t put yourself at risk

When it comes to tree removal, you need an expert. Our specialized arborists have a reputation for protecting property and responding to emergencies with the precision needed to limit damages.