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About Us

We do things a little differently at Green Tree. Beyond our superior tree removal and environmental services, we are true environmentalists. If there’s any part of the tree to be salvaged, we’re using it to create beautiful and useful wood pieces, including live edge slabs, tables, cutting boards, charcuterie boards and a variety of other unique products.

At Green Tree

We take pride in setting ourselves apart from other tree companies. Green Tree arborists have a clear understanding of tree requirements for health as well as knowledge of the internal biological mechanics necessary for optimal response to pruning and tree removal. Not only do we ethically remove trees, but we also salvage, saw, and kiln dry all material in house. Our arborists take the time to discuss specific job descriptions and explain the process of first removing the tree and secondly the options clients have after it’s removed. Every unique piece of wood has a story.

Green Tree Professional Tree Service Inc. provides services to residential, commercial and utility clients from Windsor to Huntsville, Ontario. The services include tree trimming, crane removals, ditching, fertilizing, plant health care programs, soil samples, utility line clearing, and more. Green Tree also has a live-edge wood showroom where customers learn about the process that we followed to craft the piece of wood or product they selected.  

Green Tree Professional Tree Service Inc. embodies continuous training, safe practices, years of experience, knowledge, and sound management. Green Tree Professional Tree Service Inc. considers it critical to continuously build on the trust and confidence our clients have placed in us. We are committed to a reputation you can count on, expert advice you can understand, and premium value for your money. 

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Our hand-crafted and unique wood pieces are 100 per cent recycled from our tree removal services. Find one-of-a-kind items and learn about the stories behind the wood. 


What Makes Green Tree Special


At Green Tree we know that trees serve as the lungs of our planet. They purify our air and provide us oxygen to breathe.

That is why every year we donate 1,500 new trees to be planted in the community. 


Green Tree is committed to the communities we serve. It takes a myriad of organizations to foster and build a sense of belonging in a community.

That is why we have continuously supported local schools, churches, sports teams and programs for at-risk youth since 2014. 

Every Tree Has A Story

But that story does not end when a tree is uprooted from the ground.

At Green Tree we help give old trees new life. We salvage the trees we remove and so they can be created into pieces of art or custom furniture. This has allowed us to support the stunning and skilled work of local craftspeople.  


Precision is essential in order to protect surrounding vegetation.

That is why Green Tree has invested in a state-of-the-art robot to do the necessary cutting.

It enables us to target the removal of specific trees and vegetation without harming healthy and treasured growth nearby. 

Why Us?

There’s no team out there like ours. We put the safety of our customer’s property and our employees above all else. Our certified arborists specialize in risk assessments to determine any threats to you and your property. 

Dedicated to preserving the treescape

state-of-the-art equipment

Being always
committed to excellence



Don’t put yourself at risk

When it comes to tree removal, you need an expert. Our specialized arborists have a reputation for protecting property and responding to emergencies with the precision needed to limit damages.