Our Team of Expert Arborists Can Handle Any Job. 

And we salvage and recycle everything we can. 

We recycle every removal
Transform troubled trees into hand-crafted treasures  

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Our hand-crafted and unique wood pieces are 100 per cent recycled from our tree removal services. Find one-of-a-kind items and learn about the stories behind the wood. 


Green Tree Ontario

Green Tree offers 24-hour emergency services for tree removal, pruning, stump grinding, arborist reports, plant health care, deep root fertilizer, utility vegetation and tree planting. We service all of southwestern Ontario, from Amherstburg to London and everywhere in between.
Our certified arborists are bonded and insured. We offer free estimates and a customer referral program. 

Green Tree Professional Service Inc. is one of the first companies in Ontario to implement the 360 approach to wood material. Green Trees’ initiative is to recycle 100% of the material we acquire from our daily work. With the amount of deforestation happening worldwide, we believe it is our responsibility as arborists to ethically remove trees, salvage and reuse all the material we acquire from our daily wok, and give back yearly at least 1,000 trees to families and schools within our community.


Who We Help


We’ll plant, prune, fertilize and care for the trees you love and safely remove the ones you don’t. Insurance approved for storm & emergency response + holiday decorating.


Ensure the safety of your company’s property and reputation. We have certified utility journeyman skilled in dealing with the hydro grid. Safety is our first priority!  


Maintaining vegetation around utilities is vital to the safety of the community.
Our skilled team guarantees  safe access to utilities without major service disruption.

Did You Know We Give Back Over 1,500 Trees Yearly To Our Community?


Why Green Tree?

At Green Tree, we always deliver a superior tree service experience to every residential, utility, commercial and government client. We believe there are no shortcuts to solid relationships and want to earn your business one step at a time. We are committed to a reputation you can count on. Expert advice you understand and premium value for your money. The safety of our employees and your property is our first priority. We are committed to continuing education in safety, knowledge, current trends, and equipment in the arboriculture industry.

Technology At Green Tree

At the core of our values remains a reverence for the natural environment.  We strive to only remove trees and vegetation that have been deemed problematic.  



Don’t put yourself at risk

When it comes to tree removal, you need an expert. Our specialized arborists have a reputation for protecting property and responding to emergencies with the precision needed to limit damages.