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Green Trees' initiative is to recycle 100% of the material we acquire from our daily work. With the amount of deforestation happening worldwide, we believe it is our responsibility as arborists to salvage and reuse the material we gain from our jobs. We provide you with pictures of the tree it came from as well as why it was removed.

The wood in our showroom is from Ontario, Canada. We will salvage anything that can be recreated, such as burls, trunks, limbs etc. to make for unique pieces. We offer a variety of sizes and types of wood. Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages (@greentreeontario) for pictures of our live edge wood slabs, wood tables, cutting boards, charcuterie boards and a variety of unique wood products. Every unique piece of wood has a story. We take pride in informing our customers the process that was followed in order to get to the piece of wood or product they selected, why the tree was removed, where it came from, and possibly what it looked like prior.

We encourage our buyers to send us a request in advance of the type of wood and sizes needed to ensure we have it in stock. This way, we can also provide you with a time frame and the exact information you need.

Check out our Facebook and Instagram page (@greentreeontario) to see what's happening at our wood salvaging showroom! You're always welcome to come on by to see our wood salvaging process and to see our final products displayed. Don't forget to email, tag or private message us pictures of what you've created with our wood or what your products look like once they are in their new home!